The Purpose of “Kids of the Military”

“It is not only the servicemember who serves.”
No one knows this better than the families. No one knows this better than the kids of the military. Military kids have childhoods like no other and possess a maturity that far surpasses their peers. With all that they go through, there’s not much support.
Certainly there are activities and services for kids when their parent or guardian is deployed or TDY, but where’s the support when the servicemember returns home?
This is where military kids can find that support.
Kids of the Military is a place where military kids, both current and former, can share & hear stories from around the world.
(And it’s not JUST for military kids! We also want to hear from DOD, CIA, FBI, Ambassador/Diplomat & any other Gov’t kids!!)

Military kids move every 1-6 years, with notices to move as little as 30 days in advance! The military dictates pretty much most of our life; where we live, where we go to school, when and how long our parent(s) will be off to war and so many other things. We have no real “home” like everyone else. Our response to the question, “Where are you from?” is a long list of places & times.

Maybe we’re luckier than others, because we have more than one “home.” We are children of the world, we are from everywhere, from everything. We have seen people & cultures our peers only read about in books. We eat foods & go places only seen on the internet by others. We get so used to moving & being somewhere new that we become restless when we’ve stayed in one place for long. Military kids are citizens of the world; the most resilient & adaptable people you’ll ever know.

The whole point of this blog is to get us all together to be each others’ support, to share adventures with each other and enjoy having someone understand what being a “military brat” is all about.


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